Ari PinkusI am a writer, drawing on my insatiable curiosity about everything to engage people through lively narrative, intelligent interviews, and thoughtful commentary.

I am currently senior editor and project manager for the American Communities Project at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, where I distill data and explore socioeconomic, health, political, and cultural trends across the country.

I have held writing and editing roles at The Christian Science Monitor, ABC News, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and Campaigns & Elections magazine.

At NAIS, I launched and oversaw the magazine’s blog, Independent Ideas. I also covered conferences about cutting-edge topics like creativity, digital citizenship, mindfulness, sustainability, and diversity. At the Monitor, I was the lead editor of the community journalism project, Patchwork Nation, which examined political, economic, and cultural trends in the US.

I work – and thrive – at the intersection of ideas.

I’d love to connect with you: e-mail | phone (215) 431-4292